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Hot British Wives's Latest Shoot : Kendra
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Kendra and her husband have been living together in their South London flat for the past eight years. They are happily married but Kendra's husband likes to share his hot British wife.

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Lucy - Hot British Housewife from Manchester
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Lucy is a 21 year old British wife who loves to take naughty pictures with her husband. She gets especially excited knowing men all over the world are able to see her naked body and getting turned on by what they see...See more of British wife Lucy...


Zoe - British Wife from Glasgow
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When the evenings start to get cold up in Glasgow, Zoe and her husband keep themselves warm by turning up the heat by taking some hot and steamy pictures. The last batch of naughty pictures they took of Zoe were so sexy that Zoe and her husband decided to post the amateur wife pictures on the internet for all of us to enjoy....See the whole set of British housewife pictures...


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